A country that I have loved deeply in this lifetime, and probably a few others as well.  Morocco will always be very special to me.
In October 2018, I went with a group of The Most Beautiful friends to this magical place.  We laughed, shared stories from all of our very different lives, danced in the desert and completely surrendered ourselves to this magical land.   Our spirits were transformed on that trip, and I made some friends that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 
There is something about Morocco that will enchant even the most jaded soul.  The incredible scents that waft through the marketplace on a dusky Marrakech night.  The beautiful generosity of the people there that take such pride in showing off their country.  The incredibly diverse landscapes – from the crowded chaotic stalls of the souk, to the stillness of the Sahara at night, lying on the sand and watching what seems like an infinite number of stars and contemplating my place in this incredible universe.  
Morocco, you have my heart.  Till we meet again.  

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